A GNU Way Of Thinking – Why I Use GNU/Linux and Free Software


I thought you would enjoy hearing my story of how I got started with GNU/Linux and Free Software. My goal is to help you break free from the Matrix and get out of the Internet Ghettos. You are a slave in bondage to the software you use and I want to help you break free and get your freedom back.

Episode 002


  • 000050:Welcome To A GNU Way Of Thinking with DJ fr33d0m
  • 000120:Why I Use GNU/Linux and Free Software
  • 000180:AutoCAD
  • 000260:411 Exchange BBS
  • 000548:Got Into Photography
  • 000437:Internet Ghettos
  • 000586:The Matrix
  • 000738:Got A Mac
  • 000838:Here’s To The Crazy Ones
  • 000945:The WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden
  • 001086:Looking for a better solution – Enter Linux
  • 001239:Take back your Freedom
  • 001358:Richard Stallman – The Last Pure Hacker
  • 001500:GNU Movement
  • 001738:Visit and share http://AGNUWayOfThinking.com
  • 001800:Unplug from the Matrix
  • 002502:The Four Essential Freedoms
  • 002340:The Future Is Scary
  • 002376:GNU Needs You
  • 002510:Share GNU with your friends
  • 002511:Share https://agnuwayofthinking.com with your friends and free them from slavery
  • 002512:Start a local user group https://librelasvegas.org
  • 002603:Shooter Jennings – When The Radio Goes Dead


Apocolypse Now, Ride of the Valkyries

Eagles, Hotel California

Shooter Jennings – When the radio goes dead