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From the Archive Episode 1 [ 2017-12-30 ]

From the Archive – Episode 01 – Electronic

Playlist of Top 10 Electronic Tracks (sorted by Most Interesting) on December 29th, 2017 at 17:00 UTC.

10 – Carol of the Bells, from the album A Very by the artist Live Action.

09 – Something Elated, from the Something EP by the artist Broke for Free
08 – Starling from the album Solo by the artist Poddington Bear
07 – Teget, from the album The Invisible by BITIPATIBI
06 – Haunted Keyboard, by simon_mathewson off the Some 4-track album
05- Hachiko (The Faithtful Dog) by The Kyoto Connection off the Wake Up album.
04 – O Tannenbaum from the album A Very which you may remember from track 10, the artist for this one is Dan Lerch.
03 – Christmas on Mars (Dance MIx) from spinningmerkaba.
02 – Night Owl by Broke for Free who had us jamming out back on track 9. This one is off of the Directionless album.
01 – Enthusiast is the title track on the Enthusiast album by Tours.

** – You Can Do It by Evie Sands off the Live at WFMU album.