Special Perinde Ac Cadaver Show – Thurs 13:30 UTC

Tune in to “Perinde Ac Cadaver” with gregf livestreaming today (Thursday) from 13:30-15:30 UTC/8:30-10:30AM EST on http://anonradio.net

From greg:

Hey, gang — here are two updates on tomorrow’s episode of p.a.c. that I’ve posted to my Mastodon page. I’m not at a computer today, so I’d appreciate it if someone could post or reword them for the bboard thread. You can also follow me at @greg@animal.church, if you want to.

“reminder that our 2 hr #noise set will air tomorrow, 13 december from 13:30 to 15:30 utc!

a lot of planning went into this. my friend michael and i are using only #foss and equip. we’ve gotten for free in the interest of encouraging others.

@greg will make their 1st appearance behind an #anonradio mic to deliver an address called “letter to a harsh tone poet,” about the anxiety and depression involved in working in a “joke” medium, and finding inspiration as a straightedge noiseist. be there!”


“final instrumentation

@greg vox, dell xps m140 (from dumpster), puredata @ debian gnu stable, crosley 5-in-1 radio (xmas 2009), blue yeti usb microphone (gift from @domenic)

m.f. – guitar from sears roebuck catalog (gift), practice amplifier (came with guitar), thinkpad t430 (from dumpster), puredata @ debian gnu stable, webcam

recorded with jackd daemon and audacity #anonradio #noise #foss #sdf

@snowdusk_ @Curator”


gregf in one of his live performances