Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 717 – 2019/12/02

“Miami Bass: The Origin of South Beach’s First Movement | Magnetic Magazine”

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Radio Free Republic – Meat Beat Manifesto
Waiting For The Stars (feat. David Shaw) – Vitalic
Take Me Back To Your House (Felix B Big Houz Dub) – Basement Jaxx
Error (Rough Dub) – Midfield General
Sex Machine – cylob
Red Alert – DJ Laz
Plastic Men (Scratch-D vs OZ REMIX) – Dynamix II
Looking From A Hilltop (Dynamix II Remix) – Section 25
I Got Your Boyfriend – MC Luscious
Cars With The Boom – L’Trimm
The Cabbage Patch – Gucci Crew II
Supersonic – JJ Fad
Smurf Rock – Gigolo Tony
The Bass That Ate Miami – Maggotron Crushing Crew
Phoenix (Bassotronics B.O.S.E. Cover) with Bass – Bassotronics2
Your Love (Stanton Warriors Tribute Mix) – Frankie Knuckles