Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 704 – 2019/11/10

Claus Kruse a.k.a. Gaytron

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Fahrenheit (Acid Mix – USA Ultimix) – Umo Detic
New York – Micro Chip League
Another Club – Radio Slave
Cyber Space – Robotiko Rejekto
Dead Eyes Opened – Severed Heads
Flesh (Andy Clay Remix) – A Split Second
Radioactivity (Cyberwave98 Remix) – Kraftwerk
Technotronic (Vitalic Remix) – Daft Punk
Pump Up The Jam (Ryan Platts Remix) – Technotronic
Akzion (Mogt & Ruiz Remix 1994) – Artefakto
Mannerliebe 2017 – Gaytron
Time of War – The Psychic Force
Masterhit (Dominatrix Remix) – Front 242
Body Scanner – Void Kampf
Warte bis es dunkel ist – Klangwerk
Infected Machine – Technoid
This is the Sound of C (Space Commander Mix) – Confetti’s
Stop The Machine (Stop the Virus Mix by Void Kampf) – Darkmen