Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 688 – 2019/10/08

Rational Youth (click here for CKUT 90.3FM Music Dept. Blog about the band)

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Lucky and Unhappy – Air
Pain – Boy Harsher
Twilight Zone – Clair Obscur
Dancing To The Fall of the Berlin Wall – Rational Youth
Planet Party – Games
Anonymous Persons Syndicate – Ortrolasce
На Велодроме [Na Velodromye] – Velodrome
Numbers (Bell Remix) – Kraftwerk
Father Cannot Tell – CAN
Schizophrenia (Bus Crush Remix) – Sonic Youth
Geeks – Binärpilot
Isolation – Opera Multi-Steel Isolation
Citi Phosphore – Rational Youth
Digital Delight (MR-038) – Iko ’83
Dancing with the Turks – Gambit of Shame
Dark WEb 002 – Giant Claw
My Beloved – Rosetti’s Compass