Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 576 – 2019/02/24

meerkat (nydel)

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Model 500 – Electric Entourage
Jeff Mills – Keeping of the Kept
Derrick May – Drama
Jeff Mills – The Bells
Octave One – Cosmic Surf
Kenny Larkin – Q
Underground Resistance – Sabotage
Octave One – Life After Man 
Robert Hood – Side Effect
Kevin Saunderson – That Groove That Won’t Stop (Original Mix)
meerkat – the pendulum*
Green Velvet & Carl Craig – So What
Robert Hood – Alpha

* – In this episode I played a track created by a fellow SDF member, nydel, who is also a popular LISP hacker in the SDF pubnix community. His band’s name is ‘meerkat’. They are a pseudo-novelty grindhouse techno band composed mainly of Joshua Trout (nydel) and the girls. Please check out meerkat’s sites below: