Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – 2018/05/28


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title / artist
Robots from Above / IchiSan
Stone Eyed Wolf / Thevenin
Vivre sur vidéo / Vive la Fête
The Wind / Envelope Generator*
Could It Be / Mackintosh Braun
We’ve Got It / Cults
Lost In Your Light feat. Miguel / Dua Lipa
Tom Tom / The Hundred In the Hands
The Way That I Found You / Ladytron
Muscle Memory / Lights
Dead To Me / Melanie Martinez
There’s Never Enough Time / The Postal Service
Enough / SONOIO
RELOADED / 千葉恒美 [Chiba Tsunemi]
亀の子束子のテーマ(少年ナイフ MIX) [Kamenokodawashi no tēma] / Shonen Knife
Wandering Star / Portishead

* – Envelope Generator now has a new band — Powderpaint! Pls click the band name to visit their Bandcamp site!