Hong Tudou

Hong Tudou – Asia Culture Adventure

Hong Tudou ( 土豆, hóng tǔdòu) is a sentient red potato from southern China. Born in 2010, he spent his early years living in a burlap sack with the rest of his family. In 2013, rays from Earth’s moon caused him to acquire consciousness. Dissatisfied with the potato life and yearning for adventure, Hong Tudou enlisted as a sailor on a merchant marine vessel near Hong Kong. Some of his many escapades are recounted in the now-classic graphic novel series, Intergalactic Adventures of Hong Tudou. In 2015, he started Asia Culture Adventure on Anonradio as a way of introducing to the world the great cultural diversity of Asia. The show features music and language lessons from various Asian traditions. Hong Tudou’s hobbies include time travel and badminton.