Choose Your Own Adventure – Ep 001 – 2018/09/14

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We’re kicking off the inaugural episode of Choose Your Own Adventure with a double-header – Zork: Conquest at Quendor & Romeo and/or Juliet.

The fourth book in the Zork series, the “Conquest of Quendor”, featured silly riddles reminiscent of Zork II. Bivotar and Juranda search for the Helm of Zork in an attempt to bring peace to the Land of Frobozz, in defiance of Jeearr, a riddle-telling demon. There are 17 possible endings. More at Goodreads

What if Romeo never met Juliet? What if Juliet got really buff instead of moping around all day? What if they teamed up to take over Verona with robot suits? This choose-your-own-path version of Romeo and Juliet—packed with fun puzzles, secrets, and quadrillions of possible storylines—lets you decide where the plot goes every time you read. You might play as Romeo, or as Juliet, or as both of them at the same time. You might even unlock additional playable characters!

That’s right. We figured out how to have unlockable characters in books.

More at author’s homepage

We began reading the Zork story during an OpenVOIP (listen here, story begins about 1/2 way through). We’ll pick up where we left off at the top of this episode, then continue on with a reading of Romeo and/or Juliet. Will we finish both stories? Will we die horrible deaths over and over? Will there be robots?

Join me on Friday at 0100 UTC (Thursday night at 9PM EST) to find out. Message me on Mastodon ( ) or on SDF’s com, or IRC, and join the discussion.

In this show, the choices are yours!

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