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Choose Your Own Adventure – Ep 015 – 2019-01-03

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Tonight we journey into the stars, or maybe some old man’s head with what looks like a gear-driven lightbulb. Careful of the golden bowling pins. They look sneaky!

What will we discover? We will travel far beyond the bounds of our universe into the inane and silly, into thought itself. We’ll ponder great mysteries. We’ll remember old TV shows about Canadian mounties. We’ll probably exist only in the dreams of christyotwisty. You don’t want to miss this episode.

Opening music by the Beastie Boys, but only a little bit because tomasino is bad at streaming and forgot how to configure audio sinks.

Outro by Pink Floyd.


About the show – Choose Your Own Adventure

The choice is yours!

Choose Your Own Adventure: Fridays 0100 UTC

Friday 0100-0200 UTC (Thursday 9-10PM EST)

Join us for wild adventures through classic “choose-your-own-adventure” stories where all decisions in the books are up to the listeners. Voice your choices on SDF “com”, IRC, Mastodon, or whatever other way you can reach tomasino.

Choose Your Own Adventure is intended to be a family-friendly show; however, the stories are not pre-read and may contain surprises for the reader as well.

Book List

I currently have the following CYOA-style books. If you have another that you’d like to donate to the cause, please send me an email at SDF or a private message on Mastodon and I’ll pass you my mailing address. Thanks!

Choose Your Own Adventure Series

  • The Cave of Time (#1) – Edward Packard – Episode 4
  • Journey Under the Sea (#2)- R. A. Montgomery – Episode 5
  • By Baloon to the Sahara (#3) – Douglas Terman
  • Space and Beyond (#4) – R. A. Montgomery
  • The Mystery of Chmney Rock (#5) – Edward Packard
  • Your Code Name is Jonah (#6) – Edward Packard
  • The Third Planet from Altair (#7) – Edward Packard
  • Deadwood City (#8) – Edward Packard
  • Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey (#9) – Edward Packard – Episode 7
  • The Lost Jewels of Nabooti (#10) – R. A. Montgomery
  • Mystery of the Maya (#11) – R. A. Montgomery
  • Inside UFO (#12) – Edward Packard
  • The Abominable Snowman (#13) – R. A. Montgomery – Episode 6
  • The Forbidden Castle (#14) – Edward Packard
  • House of Danger (#15) – R. A. Montgomery
  • Survival at Sea (#16) – Edward Packard
  • The Race Forever (#17) – R. A. Montgomery
  • Underground Kingdom (#18) – Edward Packard
  • Secret of the Pyramids (#19) – Richard Brightfield
  • Escape (#20) – R. A. Montgomery
  • Hyperspace (#21) – Edward Packard – Episode 15
  • Space Patrol (#22) – Julius Goodman
  • The Lost Tribe (#23) – Louise Munro Foley
  • Lost on the Amazon (#24) – R. A. Montgomery
  • Prisoner of the Ant People (#25) – R. A. Montgomery
  • The Phantom Submarine (#26) – Richard Brightfield
  • The Horror of High Ridge (#27) – Julius Goodman
  • Mountain Survival (#28) – Edward Packard
  • Trouble on Planet Earth (#29) – R. A. Montgomery
  • The Curse of Batterslea Hall (#30) – Richard Brightfield
  • Treasure Diver (#32) – Julius Goodman
  • The Dragons Den (#33) – Richard Brightfield
  • The Mystery of Highland Crest (#34) – Louise Munro Foley
  • Supercomputer (#39) – Edward Packard
  • The Throne of Zeus (#40) – Deborah Lerme Goodman
  • The Magic of the Unicorn (#51) – Deborah Lerme Goodman
  • The Trumpet of Terror (#55) – Deborah Lerme Goodman – Episode 13
  • Statue of Liberty Adventure (#58) – Ellen Kushner
  • Rock and Roll Mystery (#69) – Jim Wallace – Episode 10
  • Forecast from Stonehenge (2005 release #19) – R. A. Montgomery

ZORK Series

  • The Forces of Krill (#1) – S. Eric Meretzky – Episode 9
  • Malifestro Quest (#2) – S. Eric Meretzky – Episode 12
  • Cavern of Doom (#3) – S. Eric Meretzky
  • Conquest at Quendor (#4) – S. Eric Meretzky – Episode 1, Episode 2

Endless Quest (Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Books)

  • Dungeon of Dread (#1) – Rose Estes – Episode 8

Which Way Books

  • The Castle of No Return (#1) – R.G. Austin – Episode 14
  • Sugarcane Island (#6) – Edward Packard – Episode 14

Stand Alone

Choose Your Own Adventure – Ep 013 – 2018-12-20

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Tonight we read The Trumpet of Terror, by Deborah Lerme Goodman. This book looks surprisingly well-written with excellent references to Norse mythology.

Intro music is the Icelandic folk-song Krummavísur. The English translation of the lyrics are:

The raven slept in a rock-rift
On a cold winters night
There are many things that can hurt him
Many things that can hurt him
Before a beautiful day came
He pulls his frozen nose
From underneath a big rock
Underneath a big rock
Everything is frozen outside
You can’t get anything at the beach
I’m so hungry I’m so hungry
If I go to a house
Fat at home (a nickname for
The dog) forbids me
To pluck from the garbage
To pluck from the garbage
The earth is covered in ice
There is nowhere to set the table
Full-fledged birds can fly far.
Full-fledged birds can fly far.
But even though I look everywhere
There’s just one color
What can a raven eat
What can a raven eat?
Dead, lying on its side is
A fat mutton near a fence,
Who once was fast.
Once was fast.
‘Caw, caw! Ravens, come here!
Caw, caw! cos’ ready for us is,
a feast on cold ice.
a feast on cold ice.

Outro music is a song about the Yule Cat by Bjórk. The English translation goes:

You know the christmas cat
that cat is very large
We dont know where he came from
nor where he has gone
He opened his eyes widely
glowing both of them
it was not for cowards
to look into them His hair sharp as needles
his back was high and bulgy
and claws on his hairy paw
were not a pretty sight
Therefore the women competed
to rock and sow and spin
and knitted colorful clothes
or one little sock For the cat could not come
and get the little children
they had to get new clothes
from the grownups
When christmas eve was lighted
and the cat looked inside
the children stood straight and red-cheeked
with their presents
He waved his strong tail
he jumped, scratched and blew
and was either in the valley
or out on the headland
He walked about, hungry and mean
in hurtfully cold christmas snow
and kindled the hearts with fear
in every town If outside one heard a weak “meaow”
then unluck was sure to happen
all knew he hunted men
and didnt want mice
He followed the poorer people
who didnt get any new clothing
near christmas – and tried and lived
in poorest conditions
From them he took at the same time
all their christmas food
and ate them also themselves
if he could
Therefore the women competed
to rock and sow and spin
and knitted colorful clothes
or one little sock
Some had gotten an apron
and some had got a new shoe
or anything that was needful
but that was enough
For pussy should not eat no-one
who got some new piece of clothes
She hissed with her ugly voice
and ran away
If she still exists I dont know
but for nothing would be his trip
if everybody would get next christmas
some new rag
You may want to keep it in mind
to help if there is need
for somewhere there might be children
who get nothing at all
Mayhaps that looking for those who suffer
from lack of plentiful lights
will give you a happy season
and merry christmas

Choose Your Own Adventure – Ep 012 – 2018-11-29

Episode 11 was a gap show, with user contributions of audio from ChristyOTwisty and Cat. Thanks so much to them and all the listeners who tuned in while I was away from the internet.

For episode 12 we listened to ZORK #2: The Malifestro Quest

Listen to the episode!

Intro music:
Lana Del Rey – Once Upon A Dream

Outro music:
Meraki by Position Music (Jo Blankenburg) from the album Cronos

We didn’t quite finish the book this time, so look forward to a reprise next week.

Choose Your Own Adventure – Ep 010 – 2018-11-15

Listen to the episode!

This terrible promo art has way more effort put into it and makes way more sense than the book we tackle tonight:

Rock and Roll Mystery by Jim Wallace, Book 69 of Choose Your Own Adventure

As cat put it, “It’s like Netflix wanted to make a ‘dark & edgy’ remake of Jem and the Holograms”.

Despite the awfulness of the book itself, we have a bunch of fun together. Intro music is a metal version of the Unsolved Mysteries Theme, and we wrap up with a “Choose Your Own Drum-Solo” vicariously through Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight

Choose Your Own Adventure – Ep 009 – 2018-11-08

Listen to the episode!

Tonight we read ZORK #1: The Forces of Krill by S. Eric Meretzky. Bivotar and Juranda explored the land of Frobozz to find the three palantir of ZORK and save the world from the forces of Krill. Do we win? Do we die horribly? Listen and find out!

Music from:
Carlos Viola – The Last Door Soundtrack – Crows over the City
Mark Morgan – ZORK Nemesis Sonudtrack
Austin Wintory – Journey Soundtrack – I Was Born for This

Choose Your Own Adventure – Ep 008 – 2018-11-01

Listen to the episode!

Tonight’s show delved into the depths of doom down in the dreary Dungeon of Dread by Rose Estes. We laughed, we cried, we died horribly.

How can you have any pudding if it doesn’t eat your meat?

SDF admin iczer joined us tonight and we hit a new record in listeners. The book was excellent and massive fun acquired. Give it a listen!