A GNU Way Of Thinking – Why I Use GNU/Linux and Free Software


I thought you would enjoy hearing my story of how I got started with GNU/Linux and Free Software. My goal is to help you break free from the Matrix and get out of the Internet Ghettos. You are a slave in bondage to the software you use and I want to help you break free and get your freedom back.

Episode 002


  • 000050:Welcome To A GNU Way Of Thinking with DJ fr33d0m
  • 000120:Why I Use GNU/Linux and Free Software
  • 000180:AutoCAD
  • 000260:411 Exchange BBS
  • 000548:Got Into Photography
  • 000437:Internet Ghettos
  • 000586:The Matrix
  • 000738:Got A Mac
  • 000838:Here’s To The Crazy Ones
  • 000945:The WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden
  • 001086:Looking for a better solution – Enter Linux
  • 001239:Take back your Freedom
  • 001358:Richard Stallman – The Last Pure Hacker
  • 001500:GNU Movement
  • 001738:Visit and share http://AGNUWayOfThinking.com
  • 001800:Unplug from the Matrix
  • 002502:The Four Essential Freedoms
  • 002340:The Future Is Scary
  • 002376:GNU Needs You
  • 002510:Share GNU with your friends
  • 002511:Share https://agnuwayofthinking.com with your friends and free them from slavery
  • 002512:Start a local user group https://librelasvegas.org
  • 002603:Shooter Jennings – When The Radio Goes Dead


Apocolypse Now, Ride of the Valkyries

Eagles, Hotel California

Shooter Jennings – When the radio goes dead

A GNU Way Of Thinking – What Is GNU/Linux and Free Software?

If you don’t know anything about GNU/Linux or Free Software this episode will give you some history about software and the future of software and why you should care about GNU/Linux and Free Software

Episode 001


You have the right and are encouraged to download and share this information without asking for permission. Help people get free from the Matrix.

Episode 001

In this innaguaral episode I talk about the history of GNU/Linux and Free Software and how it all started and why it’s even more relevant today that you understand what GNU means and why you should use it.


Watch the video I’ll be talking about on this episode at http://fr33d0m.freeshell.org/agwot/episode_001/a-gnu-way-of-thinking-episode-001.webm

000003:Welcome To A GNU Way Of Thinking with DJ fr33d0m
000312:Last Light Radio Shooter Jennings
000314:The Matrix is all around us – You have been blinded from the truth
000607:You’re a slave to the proprietary software you use right now
000634:Julian Assange says you’re the last free generation
000705:Richard Stallman talking about how proprietary software controls you
000954:Richard Stallman say we need to get rid of proprietary software
000959:It’s your choice the Blue pill or the Red pill
001023:Richard Stallman the original Hacker
001218:Bill Gates talking about the future
001246:Apple 1984 commercial
001634:Richard Stallman calls for liberation of cyberspace
001723:Here’s to the crazy ones
001823:Amazon deletes George Orwell’s 1984 Book
001913:Steve Jobs talks about making 10 billion dollars a year
002006:Richard Stallman talks the power they have over you
002020:Sundar Pichai talking at Google IO 2021
002137:YouTube censors content they don’t agree with
002228:Ted Cruz questions Jack Dorsey
002506:The Matrix is a system
002925:Ray Kurzweil talks about merging with machines
003442:Elon Musk says if you can’t beat it, join it
003602:Pager the monkey plays pong with his mind
003925:Humans are a virus, AI is the cure
004045:Boston Robotics Robots Dancing
004116:Richard Stallman asks who controls your computer?
004301:Richard Stallman describes what Free Software is
004301:Richard Stallman describes Free Software and the 4 Essential Freedoms
004833:William Wallace asks What will you do without FREEDOM?
004920:Share https://agnuwayofthinking.com with your friends and free them from slavery
005512:Richar Stallman singing the Free Software Song

Accompanying Video

I this episode I talk about a this video. You can watch this video to see the visuals I talk about in the show audio. Watch

TED Talk given by Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman singing the Free Software song


Wake Up! Shooter Jennings
Black Ribbons
â„— 2010 Black Country Rock
Released on: 2010-03-02
Music Publisher: Wolf’s Tale

Last Light Radio Shooter Jennings
Black Ribbons
â„— 2010 Black Country Rock
Released on: 2010-03-02
Music Publisher: Wolf’s Tale