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MTT 169 / Test Shape

Spacey breaks and electro at ~125. A lot of long songs this hour; I felt like giving things time to develop.

A recording of this show can be found in aNONradio’s archives: https://archives.anonradio.net/202005220600_cev.mp3 , and at mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/djcev/mtt-169-test-shape .


  1. Arpanet / Wireless Internet 00:00
  2. Dj HasH / Sector Calixis 01:52
  3. Lee / Distant Drift 04:38
  4. Low Orbit Satellite / Winter Morning PLUR Jam 08:12
  5. Sasha / Head Melter 10:15
  6. Stratowerx / Zero Hour Dispatch 14:51
  7. Redshape / Blink 18:10
  8. Andy Garvey / Complex Clarity 25:17
  9. Cygnus / Cybrid Vox 29:21
  10. Luke Eargoggle / Audio Warriors 34:56
  11. Zobol / Moving Atoms 38:26
  12. Koova / Sometimes A Conduit (Patricia’s Amalgamix) 44:00
  13. Silicon Scally / Indefinite Space 48:43
  14. E.R.P. / Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix) 54:47

There’s a bunch of new stuff in this mix. Going roughly in order… #3 Distant Drift by Lee and #11 Moving Atoms by Zobol are both from the the Creation Of A Positron EP on Sci-fact, an excellent electro/breaks EP, highly recommended. #4 Winter Morning PLUR Jam is from is from the 2016 Flying Steel EP by Low Orbit Satellite, which I bought on the day of this recording. Track 8 Complex Clarity by Andy Garvey is from the wonderfully varied Complex Clarity EP on Lobster Theremin, and was just released this month.

There’s another significant new release in this mix, however, and that’s Sasha’s Head Melter. It’s apparently an old track of his, recovered and released as the first part of a bandcamp-only series he’s calling DETAT. It’s a super sweet track, exactly the kind of moody breaks that I like. I don’t know Sasha‘s work well – I can only compare Head Melter to Rabbitweed from the Xpander EP – but this tune makes me want to dig through his back catalog.

I’ll be back next week with my usual end-of-month slow set. I’m thinking 90 BPM, I have a few new pieces at that tempo to play with. ’till then.

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 805 – 2020/05/25

Identified Patient

>> Listen to the audio recording from the aNONradio.net archives
>> View this post on snowdusk’s homepage

00:52 M.G.D. – Identified Patient
02:59 Waiting for the Stars (feat. David Shaw) – Vitalic
06:38 Electric Body – Djedjotronic
11:15 Speechless (Gesaffelstein Remix) – Agoria Feat. Carl Craig
14:55 Drive Shift (The Hacker Remix) [MTRON008] – Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor
20:28 Lower State Of Consciousness (Like Woah! Remix) – ZZT
24:51 Beautiful Thing (Matias Aguayo Remix) – Alexis Taylor
29:55 He Took Her To A Movie – Ladytron
33:45 Frank Sinatra – Miss Kittin & The Hacker
37:38 My boyfriend Is Very Sexy (Millimetric Remix) – Adriano Canzian
41:50 Mission Ecstasy – The Horrorist
48:38 Lost In Your Light feat. Miguel – Dua Lipa
51:55 Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Remix) – Lana Del Rey
56:14 Starboy (feat. Daft Punk) – The Weeknd