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MTT 157 / Brief Rest

Ambient and dub techno to sleepily close the third year of this radio program.


  1. The Black Dog / Terminal EMA 00:00
  2. Bjorn Rohde / Forest Of Forgotten Hearts 03:00
  3. Zzzzra / Invendable 06:34
  4. Seal Bient / Untitled [ML051 01] 12:28
  5. Galcid / Border 17:06
  6. DeepWoods / Voyageur Radio 20:35
  7. Dimomib / Lights Of Blue 25:36
  8. Exhausted Modern / The Last Minute On Earth 29:42
  9. Monolake / Bicom 34:08
  10. Melotone / Drifting Clouds 38:14
  11. PFL / Mohinis Dub 43:00
  12. Seal Bient / In The Terminal 46:29
  13. Silent Phase / Love Comes And Goes 49:48
  14. Pineapple Corner / Easy Fly 53:41
  15. User48736353001 / 14 Floating∞ 57:18

and here’s the recording: https://archives.anonradio.net/202002280600_cev.mp3 with thanks to aNONradio for hosting the archives.

The new tracks here are Border by Galcid from their EP Galcid’s Ambient Works, and The Last Minute On Earth by Exhausted Modern from the False Endings EP on Brokntoys. Galcid’s Ambient Works is particularly good. All four tracks on it are strong; #2 Mirror is my favorite.

Both pieces by Seal Bient are from the Russian techno label Motorlab. I’ve written about Motorlab here before, but it’s worth recommending their releases again if you’re into dub techno and/or spare detroit-ish techno. They have a couple interesting sublabels, too: Cyclon and Runout, for tracky techno and ambient releases respectively.

And that’s the end of MTT Year 3. Thank you everyone out there listening; I hope you’ve enjoyed, and found some new music. I have something special planned for next week’s show, the first of year four: fast (130-140) techno, with an unusual theme. Should be a good time.

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – Ep 763 – 2020/03/02

Craig David with Artful Dodger

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21 Seconds – So Solid Crew
Walking Away (Chunkie Remix) – Craig David
Thong Song – Sisqo (Artful Dodger Mix)
Just to See Her – Synkro
Aluna George – Best Be Believing (Ta-ku Remix)
Things We Do For Love – Sticky & Kele Le Roc
Boogaloo – Horsepower Productions
Sia – Little Man (Exemen Works) SC
Richie Dan – Call It Fate
Dru Hill – How Deep Is Your Love (Groove Chronicles Dub Mix)
Walking Away (Chunkie Remix) – Craig David *
Bring The Lights Down – Mr Reds & Kalibar
Aluna George – Best Be Believing (Ta-ku Remix)
Skream – Midnight Request Line (Big One Bootleg)

* Yes! I did play it twice on this mix… Ooops!! I meant to play a remix of Craig David’s “Fill Me In” but I loaded the wrong track. Yikes!!