Half Hour of Power playlist EP16, 2018/07/25

Welcome back, everybody!  Half Hour of Power took an unplanned second hiatus (so soon after the first!) when I had to suddenly travel to Australia for family reasons.  I want to give a huge public thank you to Snowdusk, who streamed some old episodes of HHoP while I was away.  I am back home now and hopefully things will proceed smoothly for a bit!

  1. Zabutom – From Zeta Force to Eternity
  2. 4Mat – Popsnare
  3. GOTO80 – Advectorbarski
  4.  Kerosyn & Wowzerss – Predigital Reconciliation
  5. TRIaC – Dial Up
  6. Petriform – Departure 6
  7. Epi – m4700rk4 (guest track on Yerz‘s album Old-School MODe)
  8. Ben Landis – Breakthrough
  9. Michu – Milky Way