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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix – 2018/07/02

Nine Circles
(Photo credit: Nine Circle’s official Facebook page)

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title / artist
Animals from Outer Space / Ende Shneafliet
Cabaret Voltaire / Sympathy Nervous
Looking from a Hilltop / Section 25
This Is the Rose / Nine Circles
Minimal & électronique (David Carreta Remix) / Buzz
Je suis passée / Hard Corps
Disco Dance (Romina Cohn & Ezequiel Araujo Remix) / David Carretta
I Wanna Be Ugly / Workerpoor
Proxima Centauri / Nicolas Chenard
Beneath Me (Original Mix) / Dancepig
Always Then / The KVB
Circus (Vocal Mix) / Lifelong Corporation
I Feel Space / Lindstrøm
Love Devotion / The Chaenge
Red Light Mirrors / Crackdown