intergalactic wasabi mix – 2018/04/16


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title / artist
Cosmic Trip / Air
First Frequency / Deca
Le Couloir / Deux
On The Fourth Floor / Envelope Generator
Dirty / Hard Corps
flytta hav av is / Red Martian
Always Then / The KVB
Flesh / A Split-Second
Wire to the Ear / The Horrorist
Sexy Boy (Sex Kino Mix) / Air
Carousel / Melanie Martinez
Cowboy and the Vocoder / Red Martian
Radio Silence / Envelope Generator
Ziggy Stardust / The Moog Cookbook

Today I featured one of Powderpaint’s member – Envelope Generator’s ( (j’heck) on Mastodon) earlier solo musical creations — “On the Fourth Floor” from his album “Envelope Generator” and “Radio Silence” from his “Eliza the Android EP”. Please check out Envelope Generator’s Bandcamp site to sample and download his tunes: Envelope Generator now has a new band called Powderpaint. You can sample and download their new release “This Being” from their Bandcamp site Please watch the music video here.

Envelope Generator
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I also played a couple of tracks from our very own SDF band Red Martian’s album “Retrailing” — “flytta hav av is” and “Cowboy and the Vocoder”. Red Martian tracks can be sampled and purchased from their Bandcamp site Physical media can also be purchased from the band’s official site This is my favourite Red Martian album so far.

Red Martian’s “Retrailing” album (this is actually a CD!)