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intergalactic wasabi mix – 2018/04/09

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title / artist
Moon In My Room / Innergaze
Exposition 5 / Philippe Laurent
Grey Skies / Turquoise Days
Glass Danse / The Faint
Dressed for Space / TR/ST
Kidnap the Sandy Claws / She Wants Revenge
känner mig så låg / Red Martian
Empty (Remixed by Severed Heads) / Red Martian
This Being / Powderpaint
The Animals / Ladytron
Cosmic Wild Boar / LSB

Tonite I featured 3 awesome bands:

I also would like to mention where I obtained my new background music while talking in between tracks — “Wide open Roland Juno 60 +106 +JX-8P” by Analog Synth Bedroom which I downloaded for free from Soundcloud. I really like this new background music. I usually do not have gaps between tracks while doing the show (i.e. non-stop, continuous play) but I felt I needed to talk a bit more in this show to introduce bands, songs, etc., and so I did not want to talk over the songs.