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intergalactic wasabi mix – 2018/03/04

Techmaster P.E.B.’s Bass Computer album

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title / artist
Activate / Techmaster P.E.B.
Bass Computer / Techmaster P.E.B.
2030 / Cli-N-Tel
The Age of Machines / Techno Bass Crew
Sweat / The Mechanic
Arrival of Bass / Dynamix II
Radio Activity Rap / MC Frosty
Just Give the DJ a Break (feat. Breezy Beat MC) / Dynamix II
Dance Transformer / M.C. A.D.E.
Magic Mike Cuts the Record / D.J. Magic Mike and The Royal Posse
When I Hear Music / Debbie Deb
Space Bass Traveler / Bass Alliance
Telephone Computer / Crazy Gang
Bass Generator / Dynamix II
Bass Mechanic / M.C. A.D.E.
Welcome to the Planet of Bass / Maggotron