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intergalactic wasabi mix playlist – 2018/01/07

Kenny Larkin
(Photo credit: Sourdoreille)

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name / artist
D302 / Marijan Lisic
Overhead (Detroit Techno Militia Remix) / Un:Code
Aurora / Kenny Larkin
My Red Hot Car / Squarepusher
Antimatter Premium Unleaded / Vintage Future
Into Your Heart (John Selway Remix) / Rozzo
Lines of Nazca / Los Hermanos
Classic Revisited Part / The Hacker
Moaning About Technology / Marl Chingus
Hi-Tech Funk (Sonic Grits Mix) / UR
Robotmachine (Detroit Techno Militia Remix) / Dynamik Bass System
Cosmic Movement / The Martian
Kill My Radio Station / Underground Resistance
Numbers / Kraftwerk
Q / Kenny Larkin
Call of the Wild / Jeff Mills
Real Life / Jeff Mills
Icon / Derrick May
Awakening / Delerium

From the Archive Episode 2 [2017-01-07]

The Jamendo Episode!

DJ Marcus Set

Phone call (2012) from the album Wake Up CC-BY-SA

Break The Walls (Soulful House) (2016) a remix of their own song from the very talented AL TORRADO CC-BY-ND-NC

All Destroyed from GRACE BALHALLA off Valhalla Rising CC-BY-ND-NC

farewell bright by Leggysalad off of Shards of Memory EP CC-BY-NC-SA

Last Song : Before I Sleep by MUCIOJAD licensed through HookSounds.com CC-BY-ND

Bonus Song
Bad How OBIKYAMA from the album City Life CC-BY-ND-NC

DJ Comp-u-Tron’s Set

Chip Tune by IAM29

Son of a Bit! – Chased by a running Chupakabra – BY-NC-SA

Healing by Big Bang Boom CC-BY-SA

This Is A Public Fuckin Domain To Me Anyway! by Slash Norton CC-BY-SA

Pee Wee Ass Vs Dee Dee Puss by Torture Garden on the Thunder Doom Album CC-BY-SA

Wake Up from Crazy Games