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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/10/24 – “My-Messed-Up-Playlist” Mix

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title / artist
Rewind! (Bonus Bytes) / Cylob
Boogie Down Bronx / Man Parrish
Emotinium II / Ceephax Acid Crew
Deep Into Memory / Svengalisghost
Pulsar / B12
Delphium / Aphex Twin
Naeae Eletrok / Brothomstates
Delphium / Aphex Twin
Don’t Space (Ands Mega Remix) / Tronik Youth
Naeae Eletrok / Brothomstates
Gauloise Scented / Bochum Welt
Freak / Capitol K
You Can Not Vote For Yourself / Roe Deers
Halloween / Luke Vibert
Outsider Resource / DJ Heure
Fat Controller / Squarepusher
Hi-Q / Mike Paradinas
Almost A Trap (Fumble Minimix By Bogdan Raczynski) / Architecture In Helsinki
Welcome / Aleksi Perälä

I messed up pretty bad around the Aphex Twin part & the ending (because I lost track of time and panicked! LOL) but the rest of the mix is good. Lots of experimental-ish tracks in this one. I have noticed I usually make major booboos like this when I know my crush is online and tuned in because I get extremely nervous… hehe… well, that, and with only half an hour prep before the show… but I always do that anyway so I don’t know… 😛