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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/09/26 – The I-Don’t-Know-WTH-I’m-Doing Mix

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title / artist
Don’t Trip (Ft. Silas Green) / Shigeto, Silas Green
Sometimes I Feel So Deserted / The Chemical Brothers
Hack Me / Pierre Grall
Bleep Phreak / DJ Haus
Crash Override / Minds diverted, Luke Beat
Jack Phreak / Torrfisk
Impending Accident / Steve Murphy
Glamour Morgue (Modulaire Remix) (Feat. L. Longchamp) / Mr BC, L. Longchamp
Playgirl (Tobias Neumann Club Mix) / Ladytron
Destroy Me / Marsheaux
Spiders / Ashbury Heights
Enough / SONOIO
Hack It / Bikya
Seq666 P / Front 242
Euphoric / Delerium
Evolution (Dali S Mix) / Nostromo Dept.

OMG be warned… transition at 07:30~ was such a hUgE mE$$ !!!! Oh lordy.