Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/07/10 – Classic Detroit-Style Techno Mix

Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May & Juan Atkins (aka Model 500)

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title / artist
E-Merge / System 7, Derrick May
Color Dubbing / Model 500
Vamp (Kevin Saunderson Instrumental) / Outlander
Acid Warp Time Travel / Blake Baxter
Bounce Your Body To The Box (Ben Sims 25th Anniversary Edit) / Reese & Santonio
Void23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit) / Appleblim, Ramadanman
Future (Vocal) / Model 500
Original (Carl Craig Remix) / Tiefschwarz
Nightvision / Suburban Knight
Ladies And Gentlemen / 69
R-Theme / Derrick May
Off-Axis Gravitational Fields / Underground Resistance
Infra Red Spectrum / Suburban Knight
Game One (I-Robots Apito Reconstruction Take II) / Infiniti
DJ-Kicks / Carl Craig
H-Factor / Blake Baxter