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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/02/20 – Classic 80s Acid House (+ 2 New Ones)

Phuture: Herb J, Spanky (RIP 1965-2016) and DJ Pierre

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title / artist
Hip House / Fast Eddie
It Takes Two (Edit) / Rob Base, DJ EZ Rock
This Is Acid (Radio Mix) / Maurice Joshua
Downfall / Mr. Lee, Armando
Acid Trax / Phuture
Washing Machine / Mr. Fingers
Cool And Dry / Circle Jerks, Jack Frost
Gotta Big Dick (With Hot Hands Hula) (Remastered) / Maurice Joshua with Hot Hands Hula
No Way Back (Vocal Mix) / Adonis
Acidbanger / Dez Williams
Electricity Acid / Mitaka Sound