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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/02/13 – Synthpop Mix!


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title / artist
Dance For Change / Kazaky
Ghost / Summer (Medley) / Marsheaux & Fotonovela
Great And Unfortunate Things (Ashbury Heights Remix) / Ashbury Heights, XMH
Brave New World (Feat. Elegant Machinery) (Digital Machine Mix) / Elegant Machinery, Technology
Juste Une Fois (Marsheaux Mix) / Dimitris Korgialas, Katerina Moutsatsou
We Love You / Dark Distant Spaces
Pop Corn / Marsheaux
Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? / GMS
Der House (Sebastien Komor’s Vancouver Remix) / Sharon Next
So Cold (Floor Mix) / Technique
Destroy Everything You Touch / Ladytron
This Is Our Sound / Ladytron
Love / Kazaky
Eyes Without a Face / Marsheaux