• Looking for new shows and DJs Sat/Sun UTC! (8/22/2017)

    (taken from smj’s announcement on bboard – July 15th)

    The large gap in the schedule is on Saturdays 0630 to 1930 UTC and Sundays 0630 to 1600 UTC. Looking for new shows, new DJs to add some shows into this part of the schedule. If you one of the folks that has not put together a show, this is a great chance for you to become part of aNONradio. Hello and Welcome!

  • aNONradio welCOMes 2 new DJs: DJ Julius & DJ Kennedy! (7/19/2017)

    Better late than never!!

    “Shut Up You Freak” with DJ Julius –> Sundays 17:00-19:00 UTC –> Hose off your Saturday night grime with DJ Julius.  A madhouse mosaic of musical memories.  Purification through free association.

    “The Good Show: Musi Pona” with DJ Kennedy –> Fridays 01:00-02:00 UTC –>  with jan Natan and guests — Talk, call-in, music, culture, toki pona and variety. 0100-0200 Saturday Zulu Time.

    Let’s support our new DJs by tuning in to their shows! 🙂

  • SDF at the Vintage Computer Festival! – Aug 5-6 – Computer History Museum – Mountain View, California (7/9/2017)

    Yes! SDF will have a booth at the Vintage Computer Festival at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California — August 5th and 6th! Keep an eye on announcements from smj! Cool! For info on the VCF 2017, go here –>

    This would be a perfect time for SDFcon 2017! 🙂

  • Lots of wacky stuff coming up on tob’s Dubious Goals Committee (6/29/2017)

    TACKER: tob (Tob)
    SUBJECT: Upcoming DGC Shows
    DATE: 29-Jun-17 19:43:54
    HOST: sdf

    Lots of wacky stuff coming up on Dubious Goals Committee:

    Friday 6/30: Blowing stuff up.

    Saturday 7/1: Fossils preserved by volcanic eruption.

    Sunday 7/2: Explosions, plus The Half-Pounder.

    Monday 7/3: More of the Half-Pounder Cannon.

    Tuesday 7/4: Celebratory Expolsions of Independence!

    Wednesday 7/5: Further exploration of blowing stuff up.

    Dubious Goals Committee: The best BANG for your buck! Mark your calendar!
    (Stock up on FFg and visco NOW kids so you can play along!)

  • aNONradio welcomes new DJ jandal! (6/27/2017)

    DJ jandal’s show “The Blanket Show” will be mostly a talk show… “The Blanket Show” debuts this coming Wednesday, June 28th, at 08:00 UTC (4:00 AM EDT/1:00 AM PDT)! Please tune in! Here is his DJ page –>”

  • Happy 30th Birthday, SDF! (6/20/2017)

    The SDF Public Access UNIX System (or simply SDF) celebrates its 30th birthday on June 16th, 2017! SDF received its first caller on June 16th, 1987 at 300 baud!

    Wish SDF a happy birthday and share your first experience on SDF by posting on ‘bboard’ under ‘General’ –> Subject “Happy 30th B’Day SDF!”

  • DJ hardmous releases his new EP! (5/23/2017)

    aNONradio’s very own Goa/Psy Trance DJ hardmous released his new EP about 2 weeks ago! Please check out his website and download the album (while it is available!!). Congratulations hardmous and great job!

  • Flashback: Aug 1, 2015 – the aNONradio DJ lineup (5/13/2017)

    This was the DJ line up just a few months after SDF Radio was revived in the summer of 2015 as! I personally like the show name “Hoary Marmot”. I heard this name mentioned on ‘com’  but I had no idea  it was an actual show! LOL

  • welCOM new DJs: DJ AMR & DJ Mushy! (5/7/2017)

    welCOM to our 2 new DJs… from Canada! — DJ AMR and DJ Mushy! DJ AMR’s show “Frozen Music” livestreams every Sat 00:00-01:00 UTC while DJ Mushy’s show “Random Music Log” livestreams every Wed & Thu 23:00-24:00 UTC. We warmly welCOM both of U.