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DJ AMR is an electronics engineering nutcase from Toronto, Ontario. His shows on anonradio will feature Canadian bands and music from all over the Commonwealth, with a focus on indie, alternative and electronica with a touch of metal.

Frozen Music Playlist Episode 8, June 24, 2017


John was an amazing guy and is sorely missed by me and many others. I will repeat here what his family said in his obituary: in lieu of flowers or donations, please consider random acts of kindness to homeless people. John would like this very, very much.

Episode on SoundCloud:
nterview on SoundCloud:

Radiohead – Fitter Happier/Electioneering 05:49 05:49
Intro 02:00 07:49
MC Frontalot – It’s Pitch Dark 04:56 12:45
Orishas – Mujer 03:49 16:34
Coeur de pirate – Adieu 02:27 19:01
First break 02:00 21:01
sellout – Tongue in Cheek 02:10 23:11
sellout interview 09:20 32:31
sellout. – Medication/Isolation 01:59 34:30
Second Break 02:00 36:30
Beaver – Absence Without Leave 05:06 41:36
Lorde – Homemade Dynamite 03:09 44:45
New Zealand spotlight intro 02:00 46:45
Goodshirt – Sophie 03:45 50:30
Miss June – Anxiety on Repeat 02:28 52:58
street chant – Less Chat More Sewing 03:42 56:40
Third Break 02:00 58:40
Local H – Toxic 03:23 62:03
Handsome Furs – Legal Tender 02:50 64:53
Garbage – As Heaven Is Wide 04:43 69:36
Friendlyness & The Human Rights – Right Now
Breeding Ground – Wintergarden
Them Crooked Vultures – Dead End Friends
Love & Rockets – Ball of Confusion (12″ Extended Mix)
The Pack AD – Everyone Looks Like Everyone

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Frozen Music Playlist, Episode 7, June 17th, 2017

Episode 7
Episode 7 Battle Rapz 02:56 02:56
Intro 02:00 04:56
Queens of the Stone Age – Like You Used To Do 04:15 09:11
Tame Impala – Less I Know The Better 03:38 12:49
Gotye – State of the Art 05:22 18:11
Elsiane – Morphing 04:28 22:39
Grimes – Oblivion 04:11 26:50
First break 02:00 28:50
Love & Rockets – No New Tale To Tell 03:24 32:14
Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine? 03:21 35:35
Second Break 02:00 37:35
Local H – Fritz’s Corner 02:51 40:26
Kyuss – Demon Cleaner 06:53 47:19
Slaves – Sockets 03:26 50:45
Pogues – Sally MacLennane 02:43 53:28
July Talk – Push + Pull 02:51 56:19
Third Break 02:00 58:19
Arcade Fire – Rococo 03:49 62:08
Gob – I Hear You Calling? 02:58 65:06
Foo Fighters – Low 04:27 72:11
Billy Talent – The Ex (Live) 04:12 76:23
Fourth break 02:00 78:23
Die Antwoord – Ugly Boy 03:33 81:56
Explain K-Pop 04:00 85:56
Hyuna feat LE – Blacklist 03:29 89:25
Hyuna – Roll Deep 03:22 92:47

Rap Lyrics

Yeah you know where you wanna be
When that clock strikes 00:00 UTC
Frozen Music poppin’ off, jammin’ and rolling free
Nobody else has the beats like me

You better stick around for the duration, you know
Or you gonna go
and listen to the Sound Show?

I don’t know, that mjt
seems weird to me
There’s something about the way
he be broadcasting dead air, while I drop the sickest flows
He don’t even know what time it is when he start his show

Everyone listening to the drone
His guitar wailing all alone
Against the endless barrage of low-fi prose
Yeah, nothing new on anonradio

And then there’s that other guy, DJ Snowdusk
Hah, he drops his beats like a cornhusk
Dried up and, with nothing new to flow,
He waits for the darkness to flood into his show

Making you dance, what, you think he cool?
I see him partying every weekend like a fool
Trying to score, with all the ladies
But he never got game like tob
You made it

To the end of this genius lyrical flow
There’s only one thing left to do now, you know

I’ll be wrapping it up like Walter Cronkite
Hitting these other rappers with
My lyrical Kryptonite
My flows ain’t made for mass appeal,
They’re just here
To make one thing clear
DJ AMR don’t take no shit, son
Now it’s time to move and get done

With these crazy raps, my dear listeners
I hope you stick around with this sound in your speakers
If you missed it live, you can catch the archive
It is my pride and joy to introduce this so,
Here’s the latest and greatest Frozen Music Episode
I hope you enjoy, the sound in your earholes
And if you don’t, hah, you can go

DJ AMR, back for one last verse
I know, you need me in your universe
Making you go wild with my sick beats
Yeah, this is DJ AMR, sayin’ peace

Frozen Music Playlist, Episode 6, June 10th, 2017

Kasger – Hide And Seek
The Slaves – Cheer Up London
RATM – People of the Sun
Led Zeppelin – Out On the Tiles
Shred Kelly – The Bear
Lorde – Glory and Gore
Radiohead – No Surprises
MaxNormal – Punch My Teeth Out
Jets Overhead – Fully Shed
Breeding Ground – This Time Tomorrow (they played EdgeFest before it was called EdgeFest! check out the very bottom entry)
Jale – Ali
Veruca Salt – Victrola
Queens of the Stone Age – I Appear Missing
Queens of the Stone Age – Smooth Sailing
Purity Ring – Obedear


I Appear Missing

Calling all comas,
Prisoner on the loose.
A spitting image of me
Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

Shock me awake
Tear me apart
Pinned like a note in a hospital gown
Prison of sleep
Deeper down
The rabbit hole never to be found… again

Where are you hiding, my love?
Cast off like a stone.
Feelings raw and exposed when I’m out of control
Pieces were stolen from me
Or dare I say, given away?
Watching the water give in
As I go down the drain
I appear missing now

I go missing,
No longer exist
One day, I hope,
I’m someone you’d miss

Shock me awake
Tear me apart
Pinned like a note in a hospital gown
Deeper I sleep
Further down
The rabbit hole never to be found
It’s only falling in love
Because you hit the ground

Dancing on wire
Both ends are on fire
Cut me loose
Nowhere to run, no more room to pretend
Wandering along the road in the summer night

I go missing,
No longer exist
One day, I hope,
I’m someone you’d miss

Shock me awake
Tear me apart
Pinned like a note in a hospital gown
Deeper I sleep
Further down
The rabbit hole never to be found

Don’t cry
With my toes on the edge it’s such a lovely view
Don’t cry
I never loved anything until I loved you
I’m over the edge. What can I do?
I happen to think that it’s all like you

Don’t cry
With my toes on the edge it’s such a lovely view
Don’t cry
I never loved anything until I loved you
I’m over the edge. What can I do?

I’ve fallen through.

Frozen Music Playlist, Episode 5, June 3rd, 2017

Sloan - Underwhelmed 04:43
Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You 03:31
Queens of the Stone Age - The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died 06:55
Desert Sessions - A#1 03:37
Arcade Fire - Everything Now 05:51
Venus Hum - Hummingbirds 04:00
Sandbox - Curious 03:55
Emily Haines - Carpet 02:48
Metric - Too Little Too Late 04:21
Wolf Alice - Soapy Water 03:42
Not You - twofour 04:01
Jale - Again 03:21
Gorillaz - 19-2000 03:21
Chemical Brothers - Denmark 05:07
Bloodhound Gang - Along Comes Mary
Band of Skulls - Sweet Sour
DAF - Was Ziehst Du An Heute Nacht 03:46

A Fun Machine

Frozen Music Playlist, Episode 4, May 27th

Offspring - Americana 03:13 03:13
Smashing Pumpkins - Doomsday Clock 03:42 06:55
First break 02:00 08:55
Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of (Live) 05:03 13:58
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Red Eyes and Tears 04:00 17:58
Eagles of Death Metal - I'm Your Torpedo 05:12 23:10
Hole - Violet 03:25 26:35
Second Break 02:00 28:35
Joy Formidable - Greatest Light/Greatest Shade 05:19 33:54
Local H - Hands on the Bible 03:57 37:51
Veruca Salt - Shimmer Like A Girl 04:03 41:54
Third break 02:00 43:54
Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted to Dance 03:08 47:02
Prodigy - Omen 03:36 50:38
You're listening to...
Smashing Pumpkins - Soma 06:39 57:17
Queens of the Stone Age - Song for the Deaf 06:42 63:59
Billy Talent - Cut The Curtains 03:49 67:48
Fourth break and start of wrap-up 02:00 69:48
Pack AD - Haunt You 03:36 73:24
Audioslave - Show Me How To Live 04:37 78:01
Led Zeppelin - Babe, I'm Gunna Leave You 06:42 84:43
The Black Keys - Next Girl
Beastie Boys - Here's a Little Somethin' For Ya
Nirvana - Territorial Pissings
Nine Inch Nails - All the Love in the World (Cut off)

Frozen Music Playlist, Episode 2, May 13, 2017

My Teenage Years
Zero 7 – Destiny
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Y Control
The Beatles – Glass Onion
Billy Talent – This Is How It Goes
Foo Fighters – Wattershed
Alexisonfire – No Transitory
Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #1 (Tunnels)
De Phazz – Heartfixer
Chemical Brothers – My Elastic Eye
Metric – Combat Baby
Spacehog – Space Is the Place
Beck – Rental Car
Gåte – Rike Rodenigår
Devildriver – Impending Disaster

Frozen Music Playlist, Episode 1, May 5th, 2017

Banks – Trainwreck
Big Data – Dangerous (Oliver)
Big Data – Clean feat Jamie Lidell
C’mon – Mirrors
Joy Formidable – Llaw = Wall
Grimes – Realiti
Pack AD – Teenage Crime
Wolf Alice – She
Band of Skulls – The Devil Takes Care of His Own
The Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
Love & Rockets – Ball of Confusion
Metric – The Governess
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Cold Wind
Purity Ring – obedear

About DJ AMR

DJ AMR is a Canadian Electronics Engineering nutcase … yes, you read that right. A Canuck with a soldering iron. The Frozen North has computers! He spends much of his time programming, building circuits, reading books about Unix/Linux, C, vintage computing, phone phreaking… just about anything related to electronics!

He has always wanted to run a radio program, and jumped at the chance to do so here on anonradio. His weekly show will feature Canadian bands (hence the Frozen Music show title!) as well as bands from the Commonwealth, and occasionally the US. The show will focus on alternative and indie rock, as well as electronica and occasionally metal.

The show will air either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how much he can be bothered that week. Big thanks to smj, snowdusk and others at for the help and support!