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About the show Intergalactic Wasabi Mix

*** about me ***

Hi! My name is snowdusk.
That is my handle on the
Super Dimension Fortress or SDF or the SDF Public Access Unix System.
I’m from Toronto, Canada.
I enjoy DJing as a hobby.
I get to practise my amateur DJing skills on my show
The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix
which livestreams
every Sat Sun Mon & Tue, 23:00 to 24:00 UTC
(6-7PM EST)
right here on
My shows are almost always LIVE!
I play all kinds of sub-genres of electronica, mostly house, techno, breakbeats, UK Garage, and drum ‘n bass but sometimes play other musical genres too.
I would love to hear from you! Here’s how to reach me:
via e-mail:
via SDF Commode (a.k.a. ‘com’)
via gnu social: @snowdusk
Check out my personal site –>

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/06/26 – Deep House Mix


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title / artist
Anonymous / Redlight
Roa Tek / Locklead
Dangerous Time / Manuold
Fashionista / Jakhira
Ruination / Xerotron
The Storm / Argy
All Nite (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) / Knee Deep
Night Visions / Criss Korey
Voice Particules / DJ Steef
Good Vibes / Jok, Lil’M, Victoria Richard
The Whistle / Piper Davis, Dunmore Park
For Love / Souldynamic
Remember The Good Times / Tom Conrad
Feel This Way / Stefan Braatz
Better Place (1) / Odin Hardt

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/06/25 – #LoveIsLoveIsLove Mix

“Love is not a crime” — PM Trudeau

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title / artist
I Feel Love (Masters At Work 86th St Mix) / Donna Summer
Believe (Club 69 Future Anthem Mix) / Cher
Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand Van Helden’s Drum ‘n’ Bass Mix) / C.J. Bolland
I Want You / Beatz to Play, Vén
One For Frankie / Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca
Love Someone (Atjazz Remix) / Atjazz
Free My Soul / Deeplomatik, bshosa
Love Will Make It Right / Joey Negro
Do What You Like (Feat. Smashing Beat) / Samuele Sartini, Smashing Beat
My Way / Bonetti, Rescue Poetix
Telephone (Kaskade Extended Remix) / Beyoncé, Lady Gaga
No Habla / John Camp, Wolf + Lamb
Ma Baker (Club Mix) / Boney M.
Spin Spin Sugar (Armands Dark Garage Mix) / Sneaker Pimps
Cast A Spell / Rubb Sound System
Born This Way (Grum Remix) / Lady Gaga

Frozen Music Playlist Episode 8, June 24, 2017


John was an amazing guy and is sorely missed by me and many others. I will repeat here what his family said in his obituary: in lieu of flowers or donations, please consider random acts of kindness to homeless people. John would like this very, very much.

Episode on SoundCloud:
nterview on SoundCloud:

Radiohead – Fitter Happier/Electioneering 05:49 05:49
Intro 02:00 07:49
MC Frontalot – It’s Pitch Dark 04:56 12:45
Orishas – Mujer 03:49 16:34
Coeur de pirate – Adieu 02:27 19:01
First break 02:00 21:01
sellout – Tongue in Cheek 02:10 23:11
sellout interview 09:20 32:31
sellout. – Medication/Isolation 01:59 34:30
Second Break 02:00 36:30
Beaver – Absence Without Leave 05:06 41:36
Lorde – Homemade Dynamite 03:09 44:45
New Zealand spotlight intro 02:00 46:45
Goodshirt – Sophie 03:45 50:30
Miss June – Anxiety on Repeat 02:28 52:58
street chant – Less Chat More Sewing 03:42 56:40
Third Break 02:00 58:40
Local H – Toxic 03:23 62:03
Handsome Furs – Legal Tender 02:50 64:53
Garbage – As Heaven Is Wide 04:43 69:36
Friendlyness & The Human Rights – Right Now
Breeding Ground – Wintergarden
Them Crooked Vultures – Dead End Friends
Love & Rockets – Ball of Confusion (12″ Extended Mix)
The Pack AD – Everyone Looks Like Everyone

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Google Play Music:
Amazon: Not live yet

MTT 017 / 2017-06-23 / Sound So Clear


Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2017-06-23:

  1. Little Computer People / Pop Music
  2. Mesak / M-Power
  3. DJ HasH / Return To The Fresh Beats
  4. Dr. Break / Spinnah (Oldskooler Ruffish Cut)
  5. Dagobert / On The Run
  6. Brice Kelly / Pushbutton Flipswitch
  7. Mandroid / Voltage Overload
  8. T.E.S.T. / Thumpn And Pumpn
  9. La Synthesis / Reprise
  10. Reiner Mauch / Electro Music
  11. Foundation / Bring It Back
  12. Old School Players / Numbers
  13. MZ-Allstars / D.I.G.
  14. MC T-Rock / Future Shock (Instrumental)
  15. EPG / We Are Electro (Main 12″ Mix)
  16. Trestristestigres / B-Sunrise
  17. Dr. Break / Sad Computer (Frustrated Dialog)


The Blanket Show

The Blanket Show is the finest in ad-hoc radio! Noisecore, interviews, classical concertos, random talk, random numbers, classic rock, post-rock, postmodernism. Who knows what you’ll get next week? We don’t.

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/06/20 – Jungle Mix

Congo Natty

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title / artist
Original Nuttah / Shy FX, UK Apachi
R.I.P. (DJ Hype Remix) / Remarc
Incredible / General Levy, M-Beat
Junglist (Feat. Peter Bouncer) / Congo Natty
B-Boy Stance (Grooverider Remix) / Freestylers, Grooverider, Tenor Fly
New Age Jungle Funk / Digital
Basic / Total Science
Monkey Boy (Doc Scott Remix) / Doc Scott, Rufige Kru
Little Soundbwoy / Jacky Murda & RCola, Jonny Osbourne
Politrix / The Ganja Kru
One Sound / Junior Reid, Jacky Murda & RCola
Let Me Know (Remix) / Kenny Ken
Consciousness / Photek
Subway (Photek Remix) / J. Majik
Gimme Da Rhythm (Feat. Mc Fats) / MC Fats, Potential Badboy
Rite Of Spring (Doc Scott Remix) / System 7
Breaking Free (Dj Ss 1994 Remix) / Slipmatt

Happy 30th Birthday, SDF!

The SDF Public Access UNIX System (or simply SDF) celebrates its 30th birthday on June 16th, 2017! SDF received its first caller on June 16th, 1987 at 300 baud!

Wish SDF a happy birthday and share your first experience on SDF by posting on ‘bboard’ under ‘General’ –> Subject “Happy 30th B’Day SDF!”

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Playlist – 2017/06/18 – Classic Drum ‘n Bass Mix

John B.

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title / artist
The Visitors / Orange N Blue
Mystery Machnine / Ed Rush & Optical
Up All Night / John B
Together / Logistics
Trail Of Sevens / Pendulum
Hush Hush / Shimon
Fruitella / DJ Zinc
Unexplored Terrain / Dillinja
Defcom 69 / Total Science
Make It Clear / Hydro, Ivy Lab
Pulp Fiction / Alex Reece
Jah The Seventh Seal / Goldie
Fever (Or A Flame) / A Guy Called Gerald, Wendy Page
Hearing Is Believing / DJ SS