About DJ AMR

DJ AMR is a Canadian Electronics Engineering nutcase … yes, you read that right. A Canuck with a soldering iron. The Frozen North has computers! He spends much of his time programming, building circuits, reading books about Unix/Linux, C, vintage computing, phone phreaking… just about anything related to electronics!

He has always wanted to run a radio program, and jumped at the chance to do so here on anonradio. His weekly show will feature Canadian bands (hence the Frozen Music show title!) as well as bands from the Commonwealth, and occasionally the US. The show will focus on alternative and indie rock, as well as electronica and occasionally metal.

The show will air either bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how much he can be bothered that week. Big thanks to smj, snowdusk and others at sdf.org for the help and support!

About amrowsell

DJ AMR is an electronics engineering nutcase from Toronto, Ontario. His shows on anonradio will feature Canadian bands and music from all over the Commonwealth, with a focus on indie, alternative and electronica with a touch of metal.